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T1N Fitness Classes in Tampa, FL


T1N LLC is a fitness company that puts a hip spin on self improvement and self expression.



To inspire and empower people to be their most authentic, active and productive self


Our Focus

  • Improving perspective through exposure

  • Providing Lifestyle Solutions

  • Representing style & substance

Gain a Better Understanding

T1N is pronounced as "TEN"

What is T1N?

(Pronounced as "Ten") T1N is an abbreviation of Tenacity and  Intensity. It also represents the numerical measurement of full capacity - 10.

What does it

The fiery passionate mindset and work ethic that a winner uses to accomplish their goal.

It's having a burning desire to accomplish whatever you set your mind to- (Ref: "Fan your flame"). 

Who it Represents?

T1N is a brand for the doer. This individual shares a commitment to improving and progressing in any realm of life. This person works tenaciously to get shit done. Say it, do it and share it (with intent to inspire others by including how it was done).


Also, this individual is committed to investing in their health even while working long hours to get ahead, excelling in their career and or raising a family/being an exceptional parent.

Overall, this person adds perspective to the perception of a person who is all out about hard work and healthy living. This person is nothing like meathead or narcissistic mirror hugger. This person has other interests outside of the gym but has a unique way of enjoying and sometimes joining them together.

Fan Your Flame

"Flame" is a symbolic representation of a person's desire and or passion to achieve. 


That said, Fanning, Your Flame is essentially done by intensifying that burning desire and or passion in two ways:


1. From us- giving you the tools, information, experiences, and or exposure to things that help you move forward and achieve whatever it is that you set your mind to.


2. By You- Realizing that doing what you can, with what you have (and or what we've given you) to achieve your goal and or obtain whatever it is you desire. 


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