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Fitness Training in Tampa, FL

Literally, train from the luxury of your own home. We will drive to you. Whether you live in an apartment complex with a small gym or your own home with no equipment. We can bring all of the tools to you. We can also travel to your gym and train you there.

About In-Home Personal Trainer 

Have you made the decision to invest in your health but feel hesitant to start because you don’t feel you have the time, knowledge of fitness and or comfort to start the journey in front of others?


At home training eliminates practically all of the barriers that prevent most people from getting started. No baby sitter, no problem. training at home allows you to keep an eye on your child in the nearby distance and in between rest periods. Additionally, the commute time that you would’ve spent driving to and from the gym, even if 15 minutes in each direction, provides you with ample time to get in a calorie torching workout.

Because you are in the comfort of your own home you don’t have to worry about others watching as you get into a rhythm with form and improving your cardiovascular conditioning. 

These are a few of the many benefits that allow you to make a commitment to your health without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Please see below additional benefits.

Please note that we also train clients at their home/local gyms depending on the location and local gym (currently train clients at Crunch, EOS and Esporta/La Fitness).

In-Home Personal Fitness Trainer in Tampa, FL | T1N Fitness

A Glimpse of our In-home/Mobile Fitness Training Service

 1. Personalized Workout

Coach Crafton creates specific workout plans just for you based on the goals you want to achieve. The personalized plan is tailored to your goals, needs, and allowances for your current physical condition and medical background.

2. Instruction

Coach Crafton teaches the proper way to perform each exercise movement in your routine. He demonstrates the movement, coaches you through it, and corrects any issues with your posture or technique. Learning how to perform exercises properly reduces your risk of injury and increases the movement's efficacy. 

3. Motivation

Motivation is often difficult to maintain when you exercise on your own. Regular sessions with a personal Fitness trainer create accountability, which is a real motivator to not let down yourself or them. But there's also something to be said for feeding that part of our brain that craves praise. Hearing a trainer celebrate your consistency, progress, or even proper technique can be a real boost when you feel like throwing in the towel.

4. Accountability

If you feel that you are lacking commitment, self-motivation, or just the ability to kick yourself in the pants, 1 on 1 training could be key to getting your new fitness journey off the ground.


5. Save Time

When you go to the gym it takes time to travel to the gym and change. This extra time could be used on other important things. When you hire an in-home trainer you can skip packing the gym clothing, travel, and search for a parking spot. When you are short on time it might be a good idea to skip the gym and have a pro come to your home.


6. No Equipment is Needed

When you hire us to come to your home you won’t need to buy any equipment. There will be a program designed to address all of your needs with everything you have in your home. We also bring our own equipment.

7. Comfort and Privacy

Sometimes it can be intimidating to work out in a public gym. Sometimes it feels like other people in the gym are looking at you. In-home personal training gets you a great workout in the privacy of your own home. Using your own bathroom beats a public locker room any day of the week.

What Clients Say

Check out what some of our clients had to say their experience

" Jon at T1N Flame, LLC is one of the best trainers I've ever had. Jon is challenging, knowledgeable, and pushes me to be better. I started working with him over a year ago and he has helped me lose nearly 30lbs in that time. His sessions are super personalized to my needs and his passion for fitness really shines through! I couldn't recommend him enough. He taught me the importance of nutrition and lifestyle changes to achieve your goals, not just a quick fix. Jon has changed my life in more ways than one and I will always be grateful for him. "

- Shaunette Stokes

  • Are you a Certified Fitness Trainer?
    Yes, I am a Certified Fitness Trainer. In 2015, I became certified through the National Academy of Sports and Medicine (NASM).
  • Which Fitness Coaching services do you provide?
    Yes. I offer the following services: 1. One on One Personal Training 2. Small and Large Group Training 3. Form Coaching Sessions 4. Virtual/Remote Coaching 5. Nutrition Coaching and Meal Planning 6. Strength Training Coaching 7. H.I.I.T Training
  • What's your Fitness Training Timings?
    The schedule of sessions vary by the day however Group training sessions are: Every Tuesday and Thursday (6p.m. - 9p.m.). Classes are 1 hour per session. Saturdays (9:30a.m. - 11:30a.m.). There is more flexibility of what time sessions are offered for One on One. The one on one sessions are Monday through Friday from 7a.m. -12:00p.m. and 4:30p.m.-9:30p.m. Sessions are one hour long.
  • Do you offer Personal Fitness Coaching?
    Yes, We do Personal Fitness Training these sessions are by appointent only and are private sessions between you and the trainer. The training space is not open to the public to train during reserved one on one time.
  • Is there any Free Trial Option there?
    Currently there are no offers for free one on one trainings at the moment.
  • What's your fitness training programs cost?
    One one One: The avg cost per session is $65 per hour per session. However, this price would change if you: Purchased 30 sessions upfront (Price per sessions would be lowered. This would cover 2 1/2 -3 months of training at 3 times a week). If you were to add Nutritional coaching services then the cost per session would increase by $5 per session.
  • Why should we choose you as our Fitness Trainer?
    Proven track Record of Results Certified Personal trainer and Nutritionist- Experience in movement and food helps you to maximize and accelerate results Resources/tools- Owner of Private Gym to with all the necessary equipment in a environment that allows for you to comfortably workout without fear of judgement and or being overwhelmed by a very large space with intimidating equipment. Passionate Coach- You aren’t just a number when you sign up. You are officially the newest addition to my training family that is actively and intentionally growing. Because of that, there is a vested in your success. Your success helps to achieve the mission of inspiring and facilitating a transformation (internal and external).
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