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Best Fitness Training Classes in Tampa, FL

Jon Crafton | Fitness Coach in Tampa, FL

Welcome to Our Little Corner of The Internet Universe

Hello! I am Jon. I SPECIALIZE In Helping beginners and busy professionals transform their body through strength training and Nutrition.


I offer private group and one on one training sessions in my personal training studio to eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed by large crowds, intimidating equipment and other creepy gym-goers.

I also remote training through my personalized training app.


Our Fitness Training Programs


Get more info on the Fitness training services that we offer

Personal Fitness Training Programs | Tampa, FL
Personal Training

Get the extra personal attention you need to improve your form at your pace in the comfort of your home space

Group Fitness Training Programs | Tampa, FL
Group Training

If working out alone is a struggle for you, check out the small group training sessions. You get the personal attention and support from the group.

Online Fitness Training Programs | Tampa, FL
Online Training

Show up to the gym w/o worrying about what you are going to train and if it’s going to be effective for your goal. Effective and tailored you, conveniently. 

In Home Fitness Training Programs | Tampa, FL
In home Fitness Training

Get the extra personal attention you need to improve your form at your pace in the comfort of your home space

Nutrition Coach at T1n Fitness Center | Tampa, FL
Nutrition Coaching

Accelerate your progress by eating for your body type and your body goal. Learn about portions, timing, and lifestyle strategies.

Fitness Training for Post Partun Women | After Delivery Fitness Programs | Tampa, FL
Fitness training for Post partum women

Coming Soon!

Get your Body Transformation Fitness Programs | Tampa, FL
Body Transformation

While you can’t spot reduce, you can cut down your overall body fat and then focus on building a specific part of your body. Looking to build your legs, glutes, or achieve a specific look? We can help you become your own body goals.

Weight Loss Specialist Coach | Tampa, FL
Weight Loss Specialist

Most communicate that they want to lose weight, but instead mean that they want to lose fat while maintaining the muscle/curves. This is known as body recomposition and we specialize in building a nutrition and strength training plan to achieve it. 

Muscle Gaining Expert Coach | Tampa, FL
Muscle Gaining Expert

I used to be one of those people that believed that no matter what I ate or how hard I tried, I wouldn’t be able to gain weight. After getting certified as a nutritionist and studying body building training protocols, I was able to naturally gain over 40lbs in 18 months (no mass gainers or hormone enhancers/steroids. 

I can help you achieve the same for your body.

Our Proven Track Record


What Clients Say

Check out what some of our clients had to say their experience

" Jon at T1N Flame, LLC is one of the best trainers I've ever had. Jon is challenging, knowledgeable, and pushes me to be better. I started working with him over a year ago and he has helped me lose nearly 30lbs in that time. His sessions are super personalized to my needs and his passion for fitness really shines through! I couldn't recommend him enough. He taught me the importance of nutrition and lifestyle changes to achieve your goals, not just a quick fix. Jon has changed my life in more ways than one and I will always be grateful for him. "

- Shaunette Stokes


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